Who We Are

At FPC Fire Prevention Centre , we strive to work closely with both the public and private entities to achieve the objectives of living in a safer, fire-hazard free environment.

We are an independent entity who organizes complimentary and educational talks, forums, seminars and events for public & private communities, to promote fire safety awareness and fire prevention programme as part of our social obligations towards society.

We believe in creating a safe living and working environment for all. Fire is often one of the biggest safety risks any businesses and houses ever has. We aim to share prevention tips with communities, and help to builda more secure environment for you and your family.

Our Background

Our company, FPC Fire Prevention Service Sdn Bhd, is a leading international training centre specializes in giving fire safety seminars to both public and private entities.

Our first centre was established in Hong Kong in 1994, and since then we have expanded our services to Singapore and Malaysia.

FPC Malaysia was incorporated in 2007. The company has proven its capability and relevancy by expanding to 4 distinct branches in the country covering all states in West Malaysia.

In Malaysia, we extend invitations to organizations for the fire safety awareness programme as part of our social obligation towards the community. We work closely with the public and private sectors to promote and enhance fire safety knowledge through educational talks, forums, seminars and events.

Our Mission

We aspire to work with Malaysian government, corporations and community for continuous improvement on fire safety awareness and education to protect life, property, and environment from fire-related emergencies.

Our Vision

To equip public with fire safety awareness through our expertise and knowledge, and to reduce the cases and death caused by fire in Malaysia.

Why Choose Us

Making the RIGHT CHOICE will determine THE SAFETY OF YOUR LIFE in the future.

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    All Our trainers are certified trainers from Akademi Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia, International Recognized HKCMC, and FPC Malaysia for fire prevention awareness & safety training.

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    We are the FIRST Fire Prevention Centre (FPC) in Malaysia, specialized in giving fire awareness program to the society, with the FIRST centre established in 2007. Over the years, FPC Malaysia has proven its capability by successfully expanded to 4 distinct branches in the country covering all states in West Malaysia.

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    Our teachings and information are fresh from the oven as we will update our information from headquarters in Hong Kong and Singapore from time to time, usually every 3 to 6 months.

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    Our group has more than 20 years of experiences in educating the fire safety knowledge to different parties, including both private and government entities. We ensure the accuracy of our teaching to all our clients & satisfaction is guaranteed. Our efforts have been recognized and appreciated by many parties including ministries in Malaysia, and we have been accorded with various merits and awards.

Appreciation from society

We have conducted seminars at various government and private agencies and corporations over the years, and received their feedback on our training.

Hear what they say about us.